Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not Quite the SS Today

No silly, it's not the name of a ship! It's another one of those days. However, this morning at 10:00 Texas time, I'm going to tune in to QVC and catch Margot on the telly! Yep, the Impatient Blogger herself will be hosting Suspicion Marcasite. I think I'll give Mom a call, too. She loves marcasite jewelry. And while I watch, I'll keep beading. I'm working on a very special item today, so special that it put everything else on hold until it's finished. I'll have pics next week. So, until Margot magically appears on the telly, I'm going to enjoy a nice big bowl of oatmeal (hey, I like it, okay?) and another cup of hot coffee. I hope you all enjoy your day!


Margot Potter said...


Thanks for watching. I hope it didn't put you to sleep!


Bead-Mused said...

Not at all! And sweetie, you are just gorgeous! I called my mom to tell her only to find out that she has been a fan of yours for quite a while. Then I spent 30 minutes explaining what e-pals are! I enjoyed it and drooled over a couple of pieces. And like I said, some day our paths will cross and we will get to meet in person.