Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's A Beautiful Morning . . . .

. . and I would probably enjoy it a hell of a lot more if I were a morning person. I am so definitely not, so very far from being, so totally on the opposite side of the spectrum from a morning person. Yet here I sit, already up for a couple of hours, musing in front of my keyboard.

Let's discuss color combos. A couple weeks ago, Heather posted an article on this subject over on Art Bead Scene, and it's pretty timely what with Panetone's spring color report being issued and all. So, armed with this information and your memory I have a few questions.
First, what is the most startling color combination you have played with? Me? I made something in deep violet (you Delica lovers know the one, #610) and paired it with metallic, mustard yellow. Since I don't have it anywhere around, I must have sold it to someone. I do remember the oohs and aahs whenever I brought it out, and it was just a color wheel experiment that truly was startling. Okay, so what was your most startling color combination
Second, what color combo did you use that made you step back only to say "I really need to take that apart, what was I thinking?" but your artsy friend (GG) said "Never take anything apart because there is a person for every piece you make", then someone came along and said "Oh my goodness, that is my favorite color combination. It's like you made it just for me"? Did you get all that? Okay, true story. I made a necklace I called Make Lemonade. It was lemony yellow, lime green, smooth cream, well here's a picture: Make Lemonade ©2005 Theresa BuchleI couldn't stand it, didn't know what had come over me. I took it to two art shows in 2006, and at the second show that person came up to the display, tried it on, and bought it because it was her favorite combination and she felt I had made it just for her. Your second question? What was the color combination you used that made you question your sanity?
Third question: What is the most boring combination you have used that gets oodles of compliments/attention?I've done patterns in black-on-black and white-on-white. The first becomes glamorous, the second becomes elegant. To me the colors are pretty but boring simply because of the lack of spark, to my customers they are necessary objects and continue to sell every month. By the way, the are sooooo difficult to photograph!
So, there you go. Discuss, muse, question, feedback, color combinations: love 'em, hate 'em, gotta have 'em!


Anonymous said...

Juls and GG "made" me go outside my color box at the retreat, so I made a bracelet with fuscia 2XAB and fire opal 2XAB. It turned out really pretty, and I actually have a couple of outfits it goes with. Thanks, gals, for making me stretch myself.

Bead-Mused said...

Ah, startling choice with questionable sanity from the earth tones lover, but definitely not boring! If you are wearing that and Pam walks up to you, keep a tight hold on it! I happen to know she loves that combo. I can't wait to see it in person (hint, hint). And exactly what did they use to coerce you into that area of the color spectrum? (oooh Cat, look at all the pretty colors . . . )