Monday, February 2, 2009

Groundhog Day!

My sympathies to those of you further north. Apparently there are to be six more weeks of frozen hell.

I don't watch the Super Bowl but I love the commercials, so I eagerly await the Monday following the game. With this computer, that could take a couple of days! But today is for cyber work. It's that time when I try my darnedest to kill this moaning, groaning box (without trying to watch 31 videos). As it is, what I have for you today make take the entire day to do.

First, new web site links:
Go Make Something
Lisa Vollrath
Marcia De Coster

New blog links:
Inspired Pink
MAD Designs Beads
Sand Fibers

As for my day, I still have lots of cyber work ahead of me. What little bit I've done here took three hours, most of which was just twiddling my thumbs while the computer churned away. Soon, my beadlings, soon I will have a new machine! Enjoy the new links.