Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Bead Musings

As a lay awake in my bed last night (what? you're not supposed to lay awake in the bed? it's for sleeping you say? yeah, right) the design of the prize for comments came to me. Now I must commit it to bead, needle and thread with copious notes. And the unveiling will be Friday with a big ole shameless plug on the Texas Beaders list. And there will be at least two prize packages. The only hint I will give you: it is purple and green. (Oh Kath, be quiet -- I do too work with other colors!) By the way, feel free to comment between now and then. It's really easy -- just click on "comments" below and give me some suggestions for topics you would like to see discussed. (Blogging should be interactive, you know.) Off to bead now!