Monday, August 27, 2007

Beads in the Afternoon??

First, class this morning was wonderful. I'll have a picture of the class, plus pictures of variations on a Zinnia to share. Second, I am almost finished with the sample for the "comment" prize kit, and will post a teaser picture of that. And third, I'm exhausted. Today was the first day of school -- for both girls. I got up EARLY. Here is a synopsis of my day:

(1) Drive A to school, (2) drive back home after sitting in a line that backed up 100 yards because parents did not attend "back to school" night last week to meet the teacher & find the classroom, (3) wake up N, (4) listen to N grouse because she had to get up early & her classes are on line & she doesn't have to be at work until 1:00, (5) take a shower & get dressed for class only to stick myself in the eye with the mascara wand, (6) getting dressed is interrupted by N who cannot figure out how to set the DVR to record only the portion of the ACC televised classes that she needs, (7) go back to finish getting dressed, (8) start walking out the door but stop to listen to N grouse because now she has to drive into Austin & go to campus to get her ID & to price textbooks, (9) look Ma, I'm driving --- oh crap, 18-wheeler gravel truck who should be turning into the quarry, (10) nope, he's not turning into the quarry & I've got 20 minutes & OMG could I be driving any slower? (11) yes, I can, (12) I've got 10 minutes but why is person driving 35 mph on MoPac??, (13) hello, ladies!, (14) I need to go by LB -- okay, I don't really NEED to, but I really WANT to because I'm sure there are a few colors I don't have, (15) schmooze with Olivia at LB and leave with a beautiful rhodonite pendant plus the appropriate seed beads to make a killer necklace, (16) get back in the now HOT car, (17) where are all these people going?, (18) stop for lunch at Sonic, but now I must sit & wait because the idiot parked next to me pulled half way out so he could wait for the backseat passenger to fasten the baby back into the car seat, (19) still waiting, (20) driving home, (21) walk into the cool house & look at the clock only to realize the bus will be here in 15 minutes & we still need to go get a lunch box, (22) it's the first day of school & the bus is 20 minutes late & the car is hot, (23) very talkative small person in the car who is VERY excited about the first day of school, (24) drive to Target where the PERFECT lunch box in purple camouflage resides, (25) "I need two composition books & a brad folder & glue sticks & erasers & don't forget my juice boxes", (26) on to Office Depot because Target does not have brad folders, (27) now on to Wal-Mart for those juice boxes, (28) what do you mean we didn't get erasers yet?, (29) back into the SAUNA car to drive home, which is where I am now.

Beads in the afternoon?? No, there is still dinner to cook, first day of school paperwork to sign, I'm sure there is some part of A's day she has not yet discussed, N will want to discuss her day, and the hubby will have his turn. Beads tonight??? No, because after dinner & talk, it will bed time for A (which is getting to be a bit of a chore, but I'm sure it's just 10-year-old self-exertion), then more talk with N & hubby, THEN it will be my bed time and I'm pretty sure I'll sleep tonight!!

Beads tomorrow!!