Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Bead At A Time

It's just a tease, but this is part of the sample for the kit I'll be announcing Friday. In an effort to get some commentary on the posts, I'm offering a prize in the form of a lovely bracelet kit. Details will be posted on Friday. As you can see, it is stitched in shades of purple/lavender and green, which seems to be a trademark for me. It contains pressed glass flower beads, fire polished beads, Delica beads, and seed beads.

I love this color combination, perhaps because it reminds me of spring. You know, grass is growing, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and very few things are pollenating? I will bet that you did not know that green is not my favorite color (I do have a favorite shade of green), nor is purple a big favorite. My favorite colors is teal. When if finish up some more business beading (NOTE: business beading is not nearly as much fun as personal beading), I will bead myself a nice piece of jewelry using teal beads and a lovely teal glass goddess pendant I've been holding on to. But for now, I'm off to bead with green and purple.

He won't tell me how he got them home on the motorcycle. But they were a lovely anniversary surprise!