Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today . . .

. . . is for getting a little more organized. Calendar updates need to be made first. Then I need to clear away some things from my work space, a.k.a. the couch. I'm going to bag up a few things to go to Goodwill. After that, I'm going to try a few more photos. I've also got a post for you that will take a few days of research. Fortunately, I can save drafts to be published later! Finally, I'm putting the clasp on Atlantis.

Atlantis ©2009 Theresa Buchle
I've been sitting here surfing this morning. I think while I surf. Call it multi-tasking. That way I don't seem like such a slouch. Anyway, while I surf I think, and when I think it usually results in a pattern, a palette or a project -- my three P's. In my world, they are just as important as the three R's. I have four more 2010 locations I would like to apply to, and I'm wondering if I should submit tried and true projects or come up with something completely new. I'm welcoming suggestions, beadlings, so throw 'em out.