Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Different Direction

Today I am off to Jerry's Art-A-Rama (say that with big loud echoes). A friend is commissioning some art. She wants some abstract paintings for her model units in her apartment complex. Abstract is right up my alley. I love playing with the paint brushes and I love getting paint all over my hands. I wonder if T-man knows where all the parts to my easel are?

On the beady front, I finished Atlantis and have started another new bracelet. I'll get a picture as soon as we have sunshine again. I did finally learn that I need some natural sun light as well as the photo box to get some decent pictures. I'm still not entirely happy with the results, but they were the best I could manage for now.

It's gray and rainy this weekend. Hopefully being with friends and seeing the bright paints, inks and pencils at Jerry's will make for a brighter day. Have a great weekend!