Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why The Digital Camera Battery Should Be Charged At All Times

We were cleaning the pool Sunday evening. Don't get excited or envious. We have an above ground pool just big enough for the four of us to float in. Anyway, T-man and I had drained it and were scrubbing it down. The sun had not quite set and there were storms on every horizon, but no rain on the prairie - just a lot of humidity. Suddenly, the sky was filled with dragonflies! I have never seen anything like this. It was like they all hatched simultaneously. They were swarming in everyone's yard. You could actually see them up at the other end of the road and way up in the sky. A couple of barn swallows took advantage of the situation (sorry, Cat). Alfred Hitchcock would have used this scenario to his advantage! Maybe I should give Clive Barker a call. Needless to say, the camera battery was not charged. I'm not sure I could have gotten a good shot anyway, but I definitely would have tried! By the way, I love stumpwork and finished these dragonflies that my dear friend Joyce had started. Cat now owns them.

I went shopping for beads yesterday so I can get started on my samples for my next proposals and work up some local class offerings. I came home with a big bag of Swarovski goodies from Laurie at Mica in San Antonio (nope, sorry, no web site for her yet). Ariel and I spent the entire day together. She has her own bag of goodies. We had lunch, then drove back to Austin to visit our favorite bead store and see more friends. Again, she scored on her own with goodies. Then we went to get her a MOOD RING. Yes, my child is repeating history. I remember my own mood ring. She put it on her sock monkey last night and proudly proclaimed "Mom! Monkey has moods!"

So, as a small teaser of things to come, I will let you know what I have in mind as far as the beads are concerned. I'm doing a project in crystal and with sprinkles of gold, one in rose and gold, one in bronze and silver, one in silver and gold, one in turquoise and violet, and maybe one in blue. I have a new set of patterns to be done in black with jewel tones. I hope you all noticed that green and purple (okay, violet might count) were not in there. T-man wanted to take my vital signs when I gave him this information last night. Hey, it does no one any good for me to become predictable, now does it?