Friday, June 20, 2008

Is It Truly Friday Again?

I would like some verification on that. It seems like just yesterday I was in San Antonio! My goodness, this week has just flown by while I have been a slug. No more, I must just back into my groove. I have a HUGE list of things to get done and being in SA talking to EGA members added about 10 things to the list. My fingers are actually twitching to get back into the beads, which is a very good sign! I also have a ton of cyber work to do, starting with the Etsy store and the web site (notice that I did link to those because they are pitiful right now).

And so the time has come to embrace Blogging Without Obligation, because sometimes less IS more. I'm not deserting you, I just don't want to spread myself to thin as that would become incredibly boring to you when I start struggling for something to ramble on about every day. "I would much rather give you wonderful tidbits of insight occasionally", she said with sincerity. I did mention that I'm a frustrated novelist, didn't I?

Do you remember Dale Carnegie? "If you believe you can succeed, you will" and other motivating quotes? He wrote How to Win Friends and Influence People and he was the undisputed king of motivational speaking before Steven Covey came along with his "seven steps". I found the most wonderful quote about art from none other than Mr. Carnegie and leave you today with his words:
The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.

I will "chat" with you more next week. Have a great weekend!