Friday, June 6, 2008

Is It Friday Already?

Evidently, according to the CALENDAR it is Friday. I've made great strides in what I have left to do. I must run to Pam's house tonight to pick up more goodies! She has a small fan club among the EGA.

It poured this morning, which means if you walk in certain spots of our yard you will become an inch taller. Well, when Ariel went to feed the chickens, Tatiana got out and went to the places of nothing but clay mud. Yuck. But she is now back in the pen, happily scratching and eating. There is enough dry grass in there that they aren't getting too muddy. And now the sun is coming out in full force, so today will be reminiscent of my life in Houston, but that's a story for another time.

What are you doing this weekend? I ask so that I may enjoy it vicariously. I'll be slaving away in front of the scale, with my little baggies. Okay, one short story. Let's go back to 1997, when I first started selling beads. We lived in a single-wide trailer in South Austin. It was not the Taj-Mahal, but it was paid for. Okay, picture this. I had a large living room window, and when the blinds were open you could see clearly into the living room. Slightly off to the side, but still within view of the window, I had a drafting table where I could stand and do the weighing, tubing and bagging. I have a small digital gram scale. So there I am, weighing, tubing, bagging, and I notice that a patrol car keeps doing the circle drive in front of our house slowly. I figured they had a call about the neighbors, because that was a frequent occurrence. Then it hits me why the police keep driving by my living room window . . .

And on that note, have a groovy weekend, whatever you do.


Anonymous said...

Too funny. Sounds like the time we met a customer at a gas station to deliver a necklace for mother's day. You can probably guess what happened next. He pulled up next to our car and rolled down the window, handed over cash and we slipped him a baggie (we couldn't afford fancy boxes yet). The whole time I'm praying "please don't let there be an undercover police officer here." Aaaaah, the life of a bead pusher.
See you at EGA, chickie!


Heather Powers said...

I'm so glad my studio is the back of the house. Us beaders and out little plastic baggies of goods! Although one time Jess answered the door mid bead-rolling in his white rubber gloves. The pizza guy was a little shocked!

have a good weekend!

Bead-Mused said...

Hah! Chica, that is too funny!
See ya Tuesday!

Bead-Mused said...

Heather, I can just imagine the look on pizza guy's face! Hah!
Happy beading!