Friday, January 4, 2008

Yuck, Oh Yuck, and Yuck

Okay, I've got an appointment with the medicine man today. I'm starting to forget what it feels like to be human. I truly hope that Clara's comment from yesterday holds no weight with what's going on inside of me. Not the flu, not the flu, not the flu, NOT THE FLU!!! I have many important things to do, interesting places to go, wonderful people with whom to schmooze!

Margot has started doing video blogs, and I just love them. T-man made the comment last week "I bet you want to start doing that. You would just love it." For a brief second, I truly considered it, but then my personal reality hit me upside the back of my head. Those of you who know me well are familiar with my aversion to having my image captured by the strange shiny thing simply because I don't believe that I am photogenic. Plus (oh and I mean that soooo literally) since I am a "full figured" gal, I'm not in any hurry to see myself in a video, taking up the entire shot, on the world wide web. But go watch Margot -- she is very comfortable behind the camera, her topics apply to artists across the board, and by golly, she's cute and the vlog is just plain fun!


Margot Potter said...


Thanks for the nice words! You know, that virus might be an interesting jumping off point for a colors.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm incredibly weird about being in public without it's crazy I made my first vlog without it, but it was oddly freeing. You should try it! It's FUN!


Bead-Mused said...

Still considering the vlog, but I would bet you money that T-man wants to be behind the camera!