Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not Enough Time In My Day

Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person?

Oh kids, life this week is rough. I need at least four more hours in each day, and I'm talking hours with sunlight so my sleep time remains a good eight hours. Crikey.

I've been typing like a fiend, trying to not just do updates to all my playgrounds, but to reinvent my cyberself in order to make more of a presence on the world wide web and in the minds of artsy/beady/sparkly/shiny thing lovers everywhere. In other words, I want to be noticed and remembered. But, silly me, I decided to begin this task during a week when I only have three days to work. Plus, the motorcycle is torn apart in the work shop (and has been for two weeks now), so T-man has either had my car (because the truck eats gas by the barrel), or I have had to drive him to and from work, plus taking A to school, and trips to Austin for groceries. Plus this weekend there were two trips to Austin for the Home & Garden show where T-man worked the company booth, and two trips to my parents' place. I do believe Chez Bead-Mused has single handedly funded OPEC during the past two weeks.

Fortunately, all the bike parts have arrived, and Juls is kind enough to let me ride on the luggage rack from here to the retreat. Every thing is in place for the moment as far as transportation. But I've still got to get my shit (and beads) together for the retreat this weekend.

Okie dokie, I've been distracted three times while typing this. I must run and try to get more typing (other than this) done, plus I have to find things I want to take with me this weekend. You know, beads and beads, and uhm, some more beads plus a few beads. Beads and jammies -- what else do you need for a bead retreat?