Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blip . . . Blink . . .

I'm having some problems with Blogger today. I wanted to add some more goodies, but it may have to wait. For all you beadlings and other assorted readers up in the frozen north lands, I have a chuckle for you. It's another sunny 70 degree day outside (let's see, it's just around 3:00 CST). It's blustery, but gorgeous as long as you don't have allergies (which I do) and you're not planning to burn your trash (believe me, these are the days some of our neighbors pick). When T-man was preparing to leave for work ON THE NEWLY REPAIRED MOTORCYCLE (YIPPEE!) he asked me if he would need his over pants today. I blithely told him "no". Right about the time he will be driving home this evening ON THE NEWLY REPAIRED MOTORCYCLE, the temperature will be almost down to freezing. Boy, am I in for it later. And as an added plus, it's going to do the same thing on Thursday! Jeez, I just got over the flu and I sure don't want any other strains of that crap! And I cannot stay in, because I have a couple of appointments Thursday and Friday! Perhaps a beaded surgical mask is in order. I can always market them to pop star icons later!

I designed new business cards to go with my new look. When I can get pictures posted again, I'll put them up. And I have a couple of new links to add. Somebody burp the Blogger so it will stop blipping and blin