Monday, January 28, 2008


No, no, not the illegal kind -- the obsessive compulsive perfectionist kind. I realize that the web site and the blog may appear to be finished, but no, they are not. There is still tweaking to be done, little things to be added. And then there are other places on which to place my brand (thanks, Margot!). But, alas and alack, today is Monday. Bleck, patooie, yuck. And it's foggy, damp and cold again after such a beautiful weekend. Yes, it's true -- rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

What should I be doing? Making a new page somewhere, adding new items somewhere. What do I want to be doing? Sleeping, reading, watching bad movies. What will I do? Hmmm . . . I hadn't really gotten that far. Last night was one of those nasty insomnia trips, so I'm a bit foggy today. I'm thinking I should get busy with some repurpose, revamp, renew, reuse earrings and necklaces that I want to remake and put up on Etsy. And that will occupy me for about an hour. *sigh* What am I avoiding with everything I've got? Organizing the studio and cleaning the house. Oh wait, I can't pull the wool over your eyes! Y'all know I don't clean house! *snort* Go back to yesterday's post about the end of the world! Hah! Me, clean house! It is to laugh!! Dust bunnies rule!

I need minions.