Friday, November 30, 2007


That is pretty much what my weeks seem to be comprised of, with the exception of last week -- same shit, different day. *sigh* And through it all, I feel content to just sit and stare at (pick one) the computer/TV/back yard/belly button.

Nope, nope, nope -- I exaggerate. It's not always that dull. Sometimes it just seems that way.

In an effort to bring a sense of normalcy to my surroundings, I pulled out a piece of beading that I started before we left for the wilds of west Texas. When it is finished, it will be a breathtakingly beautiful bracelet, if I may say so. And it's in (drum roll) VIOLET AND TEAL. Yes, yes, that is correct -- my faves, together again.

The base for this piece is MADDENINGLY, TORTUOUSLY, SEEMINGLY ENDLESS, but it will make the most stupendous teaching piece. Yes, that is correct, I said TEACHING PIECE. Maybe I should call it the S&M Special. I'm not kidding. I have been working on this for about 20 hours now and the base, which is stitched with size 8 seed beads, is only a third of the way complete, and I haven't even started the embellishments yet. One third of the way is all that's done after 20 hours!! Geez, T -- are we feeling a little masochistic these days?? So tell me, beady buddies, what is the most masochistic piece you have worked on?

NEWS FLASH! For you lampwork bead lovers, Pam Way is participating in a trunk show this Sunday, December 2 (my mom's birthday), from 10:00 to 5:00, at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin. Focal beads, sets, gift items --- all made by her, one bead at a time, at the end of her sofa, in her living room, in South Austin. And yes, I am president of her fan club, but by golly, I've watched her work evolve over the years and her beads are fantastic. And not only that, they are affordable. Blue Moon is located in Hyde Park on 108 W. 43rd Street.

And so, Gentle Reader, I leave you with this very Zen thought for the day: No matter where you go, there you are. (And yes, Buckaroo Banzai fans, he did say that, but Confucius said it first!)


Anonymous said...

What is the most masochistic piece I've worked on? By far, the day I jumped in on the deep end of the delica pool. I will say in all honesty that I did learn alot in one day (peyote,brick,spiral,increasing, decreasing, connecting, starting and ending) it turned out to be one of the best beady eyed outings ever. Thanks to a Great T-eacher. She was patient even though I know I groused my way through each and every stitch, threatening to use my kit to make "Daisy Chains". Even though I have yet to finish(3yrs later), I still consider it an accomplishment. It got me over my fear of seeds and delicas and it inspired me to create works of my own. I hope to be as Awsome as my T-eacher when I grow-up. Thanks T!


Bead-Mused said...

Kids, there are reasons your IT people tell you not to eat or drink while you are in front of your computer!! I am so glad I didn't take that sip of tea yet!

I'm not sure how I feel about my Deco Dreams being Clara's most masochistic piece, but I am glad that she learned all the steps! Clara-Girl, you made my Tuesday! And yes, folks, there are a lot more of those tiny beads in her work these days! But I had forgotten about her threat to use all the Delicas in daisy chains!
Love ya, chica!

Anonymous said...

Most masochistic piece is my husband's hatband, square-stitched in 15's. What was I thinking??

Bead-Mused said...

Ah, the things we do for love!! I've seen the hat band -- it's exceedingly painful and yet gloriously gorgeous!