Friday, November 2, 2007


Yes, that is the other thing I like about this time of year. Not that I need the sugar and the calories, but I must have CHOCOLATE! YUM!

There just isn't much going on at Chez Bead-Mused. What can I say? It's a fairly hum-drum week here. We went trick or treating with A and her BFF. T-mas was a lost tourist and yours truly was a little old lady exchanging butterscotch with those poor sweeties who didn't have any, but were eagerly handing out CHOCOLATE. A was, of course, Hannah Montana, complete with the streaked blond wig, and her BFF was a Mutant Kitty Girl, or What Happens When You Cast A Spell With The Cat Sitting Too Near The Sorceress. It was big fun. Maybe I'll get copies of the pictures to share. We'll have to wait and see.

It's sunny, it's mild, and it's altogether gorgeous outside and I should be beading. Enjoy your weekend!