Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday

HAH! It is to laugh! (quoting Daffy Duck)

It did NOT rain here yesterday. I'm sure it rained all around us, but not here. Guess what A is going to be for Halloween. Yup, Hannah Montana, her idol. *sigh* And N keeps saying she's going to be Elmo, but I don't know about that. I will be the same thing I am every year --- MONSTER MOM --- "stop running, don't eat that til I check it, don't go to the houses without lights, STOP RUNNING, no you cannot have candy yet, yes you have to go to school tomorrow, STOP THAT RUNNING!!!!!". Yessir, Monster Mom strikes again.

Is it not fab?? Can't you imagine a pair hanging from your very own dainty ears?? Coming soon!!

Much to do today! More caffeine to drink, more photos to shoot, more errands to run, and beads to sort. Hasta la vista, baby!


Anonymous said...

My V and her little group are going to be Disney prinesses --last year they were the Justice League (well sorta). There was Wonderwoman, Super Girl, Batgirl and Catwoman (V -- that's why I said sorta!!). This year V is going to be Tinkerbell -- but not the tame little green clad fairy everyone knows and loves -- oh no! We're talking sexy Tink!! OMG.... ;-D

Bead-Mused said...

Nope, nope, nope -- V cannot be sexy anything, for she is way too young! Do you remember the TIGHT leopard print pants she wanted, the ones that we BOTH told her were way too grown up for her? LOL -- that's the age I always picture her at!