Monday, October 1, 2007

Counting Beads, I Mean, Sheep . . .

I am soooooo very tired. I have three MDs suggesting that I do a sleep study. I know what the results will be. The study will show that I DON'T SLEEP. I am considering having one done, though.

All my pewter spiders have been shipped off to their new owners. I thoroughly enjoyed my reign as Queen of the Arachnids at my Etsy shop. I've got another cute something to start listing. I'm also on an earring kick and will put some pictures up soon.

Now, back to the stitch I can do in my sleep. I finally figured out that the problem was not in the stitching, but in my perception of the instructions. I was looking at my drawings, reading my words, using the correct number of beads. But my brain wanted all the beads to line up nice and straight with all the columns of equal height, regardless of what the instructions and drawings said! I am abandoning this project, although not because I couldn't stitch it. I did finally get it right. I'm abandoning it because as a short length, it's fine. As a longer length, say a necklace, it's too stiff. So today I will move on to something else.