Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Art Bead Scene Compliments

Oh my stars, if you scream in cyberspace, someone will hear you. I've been paid a cyber compliment by the lovely beaders at Art Bead Scene . If you haven't visited via my link over there on the right, take a little time today to inspect the eye candy made by some very talented art bead, well, artists! I found them via Heather Powers, with whom I first chatted years ago simply because people would get the names of our business confused: Bumble Beads and Humblebeads. I would get calls for her, she would get calls for me, and so on. So click on over there for a bit and then hop back over here. And many thanks to Elaine Ray for the compliment! I've added a link for blog over there on the right, also.

Today is T-man's birthday, and his third day on the new job, which he is just loving. I'll just be glad when our status quo returns and he can relax a bit. I think we need to plan a motorcycle ride here pretty soon. The weather has been just right and looks to stay that way for a while. This is a picture of us on our last ride in August. And no, the jacket is not hot, but it is armored in case of a fall.

N and I are off to the store to buy cake mix, ice cream and a card. So, dear readers, fellow beaders and assorted other beings, I'm signing off until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


gaye ;)

Anonymous said...

hey I've started the decreases on the green tamale!! I'll have to put it aside for a couple of days though. V has a date for the Homecoming dance and needs a shrug for her adorable strapless dress to make it dresscode.... off to HFL for yarn and needles!!! g

Bead-Mused said...

I will pass your felicitations along to him when he gets home.

BTW, as I recall V is just 11!!! At least, in my mind she is stil 11. Take lots of pictures.