Sunday, October 14, 2007

All is Well in Beadland

I'm sitting here printing patterns to send off to the distributor, Threaded Needle Designs. And since I have to watch the printer, I thought I would make a tiny update.
I really appreciate the notes of concern. A is fine. In fact, we are all fine. I've just had days of nothing but errands, which left little time for bead business. So I decided to make a rare weekend post. I'm trying really hard to take weekends off, but you know how that goes. As I've said before, I hate it when real life interferes -- doctor's appointment for me, doctor's appointment for A then spending the rest of the day at the grocery store, the pharmacist, the auto supply store, and the office supply. Then driving to San Antonio Friday because I did not have enough zip lock bags (a BIG necessity) on hand. And believe me, it was drive there, get out, pick them up, get in, drive back. So I pretty much had three days in a row with very little time for bead related stuff. And that is what's happening in my little corner of the world. How about you?


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that everyone is doing fine. Say Hi to the hubby and kids. Enjoy your week and sell alot of everything ;).

Happy Beading,

Anonymous said...

Likewise, sincerely

Anonymous said...

Love that graphic--so true!

Bead-Mused said...

Michelle, that graphic (and other beady graphics) is available from Siggie Plus at . Go check them out - I just love them!