Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

Of course it's raining. Duh. We gave Bella a bath last night. Now she can go out and get her pretty blond hair muddy. Sheesh. We have had a lot of rain overnight. Taking the girls to school this morning I drove over a low water crossing that the water was just starting to cover. Fortunately it's not a running stream with any force. It's just a dip in the road, but I'm thinking we may have to use a different route tomorrow morning.

Here is a very cool link that I came across thanks to Suzanne Cooper. I agree with Suzanne's observation that beaders have been doing all of these for years, so we're a step ahead of the trend.

Lorelei is hosting the FIFTH Green Girl Studios giveaway. Hurry over and leave your comment to be entered.

And now I must be off. I'm moving on to the next teaching sample. Yes, pictures will be posted as soon as allowed. I had a bit of frustration yesterday. I thought I had the perfect ending for a piece I had been working on. I originally designed it as a bracelet and had just the right amount of supplies, but it would have been too similar to something that Kim Stathis had designed and I really hate stepping on the toes of other designers and teachers so it became a necklace. Unfortunately, I was eight little beads short of finishing the embellishment. On the upside, this one is not due until January so I have time to get to my favorite area Swarovsk pusher, Mica Jewelry and Beads in San Antonio. Today is a gemstone and seed bead kind of day in red, rosy red fading to paler shades. I know. It's totally unlike me, right? It's almost as unusual as orange! And on that note I leave you. Keep on beading on, beadlings!