Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Giveaways!

Did you think I'd forgotten? Nah, I was just waiting. And yes, I need to put together my own giveaway -- I have not forgotten that, either. I just need to be able to get to some of the stash (Jennifer asked about a destash giveaway, and since I won the earrings from her I thought that might appropriate).

Beverly Herman is giving away a lovely bracelet created by none other than herself. If you've never seen Bevvie's work in person, you are missing out on some great eye candy.

Lorelei is having the fourth Green Girl Studios giveaway. There is still time to enter and win beautiful beads and charms.

And this chart from Fire Mountain Gems is just too handy. Download it as a .PDF to keep on your computer. It's FREE! (that makes it a giveaway!)

I'm working on a kit I bought a couple of years ago from Beads East a couple of years ago. I felt like learning a little something different and honing old skills. I've got four new pair of earrings to take photos of and put in the Etsy shop, but *gasp* it is cloudy and RAINING today! And while this is a welcome change (it MIGHT get to 90° today), it makes for poor photo ops. Oh well! Rain, rain, rain! If my knee were healed a little more, I might go do a dance in it! Bead on, beadlings!!