Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love/Hate Relationships

Yesterday was filled with mundane stuff, notably a visit to my dentist. I love the man and yet hate him at the same time. Maybe it's the idea of what he does that I hate. Later a trip to the chiropractor to undo the tenseness brought on by the visit to the dentist. My chiropractor and I have a lot of things in common so it's always an interesting visit, plus he does a special treatment for fibromyalgia that actually leaves me feeling energized. It's purely a love relationship. This was followed by a trip to the grocery store to pick up lunch. I hate the grocery store, but lunch with T-man was great. And yes, that is my BIG love relationship. The evening ended with seminars (yes, I was there on the right night!). They were very interesting seminars this week, but sitting with the laptop in my lap, earbuds in my ears, typing quick sentences for two hours can just be horrendous. See? Love/hate relationships.

I can easily apply this to beadwork. For instance, I love the look and feel of right angle weave, but it is so very tedious. Love it, hate it. Knitting? I love the tranquility of it, but it's just too hot to knit. Okay, I realize that one is a stretch. So what about you? What's your artistic/creative love/hate relationship?