Friday, January 7, 2011

School Daze

This is a BIG adjustment. Keep in mind that it has been over 30 years since I've been in school. Okay, there were a few training classes and beadwork classes scattered here and there through those 30 years, but still --it's been a very long time.

The first night (Wednesday), I panicked. We have online seminars. I had done a walk through seminar to teach us how to do the seminars, but I could not for the life of me remember what to do. So I get into the seminar a little late. Duh. Now I'm stressed and forget that we get graded on how much we participate! Oh crap! I need to start typing!! Fortunately, the prof cut us some slack because she realized we did not have access to our ebook until that morning and there was no way we could read the entire assignment. I had read part of the assignment, so I was able to answer a few questions. I finished the reading (Assessment of Nutrition) and now have to formulate my 150+ response to the questions. And I have to do the same thing for my Humanities class. Both of these are due tomorrow, with follow ups by Tuesday. Crap, crap, crap, crapola!!

I have also found that the arm chair in the living room is not the best place for my schoolwork. I have an Ikea wish list, with a new desk and chair. Redoing the floor and painting my studio aren't scheduled until February. Call me crazy, but I hate the idea of putting the desk together, putting the chair together, getting them situated then having to take them out of the room, waiting for things to dry, then putting them back in the room. I prefer to do it just once. I guess that's why I hate moving. I might have to get over it, though.
I'm hoping that in a few weeks things get a little easier, start running a little more smoothly, and I have a few more hours for me, for my art, for my family. I need to take some photos and get some things sold! I need to design some new goodies. There are things that need to be knitted and stitched. I even need to finish a painting. Things are stagnating! Replication would be the answer. Anyone? Replicator sitting in your garage, just waiting to be used? Please? With sugar on top?


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

When I went back to graduate school after 20 years, it was a hybrid MBA program. We met once every two weeks and everything else was done on line. I don't think I did that much writing when I was taking graduate professional writing courses! It's easy to fall behind. I would suggest getting that desk set up NOW and not worrying about the floor until you have found a comfortable new life and study rhythm. Don't put unnecessary obstacles up for yourself at the start. My uncalled for 0.5 cents...

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Calm down now. Its all gonna come together. You will fall into a pattern of the best way to do what needs to be done by the deadlines.

We have confidence in you and so will you just as soon as you calm down.!

Bead-Mused said...

Carol Dean, you are more than right HOWEVER Feb is the month that we have budgeted for the studio makeover which includes the desk & chair. T-man has been home sick all week. After he goes back to work on Monday, I'll be able to use his desk (his classes started two days before mine) until I can get mine (except at night when he uses it).

And Carol, you're a peach! Thank you!! You might have to keep the fires of confidence stoked for me.