Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Blog

No, not this one. This one just had a makeover.

Silly me! Ha Ha Ha! I started another blog. I wanted to keep the school stuff separate from the beading and family stuff, so I needed another journal. And it will be for school and all the exploits of a middle-aged grandmother in school (I just love that my age bracket is now "middle-aged"). I'll find some other blogs and links for you to enjoy. I think that if I am able to journal my exploits, it might make things easier for me.

On the creativity front, I've got some new ideas. I've just got to find my groove somewhere in between the reading and seminars. It's almost there. I'm making over the "studio" in February. I've got flooring and paint colors chosen. I've got a new desk/work table picked out and a nice ergonomic chair. T-man is making shelves for the beads & supplies. It should be very conducive to work and school.

On the family front, T-man is almost finished with his Associate's Degree. Yay! Ariel has been publishing stories. I'll see if she'll let me link to some of them (and she's ready for her blog). Natalie and her brood are fine down on the coast. I miss them terribly. Everything is copacetic!

So, creative question of the day: What is your go-to color? I bet y'all already know mine is olive green, with a bit of purple. Okay, that's two. But the green is the base. So what is your go-to color for the anchor of your palette? Inquiring minds want to know!