Monday, May 11, 2009

Such A Boring Day

According to my calendar, today I need to do some paperwork. It's nothing big or dire, it's just things that need to be done. I need to update the calendar some more, write a class description, update my resumé/bio, and fill out a proposal or two. It sounds like such a little bit, right? Ugh. I mess around and take my time because I hate trying to describe what we're going to do when it's so much easier for me to show you, I hate tooting my own horn, and class proposals bring out all of my insecurities.

Speaking of insecurities, I did two small paintings this week. Of course, my family sings their praises and I don't even have to pay them to do so! The first one was getting used to the canvas and paints. It looks like it was done by a five-year-old. The second is okay. After paperwork today, I'm going to try sketching out a design for the next one. Why am I painting? A friend talked me into doing paintings for her apartment models after she found out that I like to play with paints and I said yes. The canvas that frightens me is the 36"x36", although I have definite idea of what is going on it. Let's just say I am a hack and leave it at that. But hey, I'm sitting here watching a guy make a pineapple in a shadow box using duct tape, a glue gun, caulk, and paint, using a pencil to texture the paint. It actually looked like a pineapple when he finished. Obviously, I am not pushing myself enough.

I also made two pair of earrings this weekend, which just goes to show what happens when I'm intently procrastinating. But according to the calendar, photo day is Friday this week. And yes, I've got something specific scheduled for every day this week.

Now on the Pay It Forward Prize Front, you are still not there. However, someone is very, VERY close. T-man says I'm being too vague in my hints. Well, it's not a palette I use very often, it's not the colors in the prize package, and it is pretty much a brand new crayon in my box. Even if you have already guessed, give it another go. Here is a BIG hint: look at my Etsy store for a clue.

I'm off! (Most of you already know that.)


Clara said...

Okay T,we are our own worst critics. When you are writing that proposal take yourself out of the equation. Write it for the talented instructor giving the classes, you know... the other talented you.

And when is portrait day? because you will need a snazzy pic to accompany those proposals, and I need an excuse for a roadtrip... or track trip. I'm thinking Amtrak.

I'm not going to guess anymore, 'cause you know how much I looove seedbeads, but that last one is a dead give away... I think.

Bead-Mused said...

Clara, let's make plans for your road trip. Of course, I may be exceedingly jealous of your Amtrak trek. I've always wanted to ride on a train. Thanks for the hints on the proposals!