Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Event On The Horizon

Carol and I leave for Milwaukee on Monday! I cannot believe it's that close. I better make a list of things that need to get done so I don't forget anything. I'll try to take the computer and hopefully I'll be able to type a little each evening. Actually, I'm hoping we are so busy that we barely have the energy to fall into bed each night and drag ourselves out again the next day. I really, really want Carol to go home with a MUCH lighter load (and not just because it's less to pack up).

As for the jewelry, I'm going to attempt to finish a necklace I've started, but I'm not sure there will be anything else I can get finished before we start selling. The earrings have garnered lots of compliments when I have worn them. I absolutely love the ones made with the vintage Chanel chain (tease, tease, tease). By the way, we will be in booths 746,748. Look for Jeweled Treasures on your program.

Thunderstorms are getting closer. Of course it is raining in Austin, which is where I'm headed this afternoon. Bah! It figures. Oh well, I don't melt -- I must be a good witch, huh? Later, beadlings!


One Sheep said...

Best of luck at the show, I hope you sell out and have plenty of time to enjoy and explore while you're there.

Carol B said...

Have a wonderful time! I hope y'all sell a TON of beads (literally).


Bead-Mused said...

Thank you! I'm hoping we sell out, too -- so much less to pack up and haul back to Texas!! LOL! I'm hoping to get a little exploration in but if I don't that's okay, too.

Bead-Mused said...

Thanks, Carol, and if we sell a ton of beads you'll be able to hear Carol W. whooping all the way down here!