Saturday, March 28, 2009


We had an early morning storm yesterday and I snapped this one after taking Bella out for her morning walk. I couldn't resist. The little orb of rainwater looks kind of like a tiny biosphere. That could just be me running on lack of good sleep, though.

I also couldn't resist a stately white flag. I have several, but this is the tallest. The rest of them always kind of slump, but not this one. She always stands tall.

I love spiderwort. I get short blooms like this and I get the ones that are three feet tall. The honey bees love these, too. When it is warm, you can walk out the front door and be serenaded by their humming.

What do you mean this is not what you were waiting for? I told you I'd give you pictures. Oh, alright. This is Midas.

Midas ©2009 Theresa BuchleMidas ©2009 Theresa BuchleThis bracelet will be going into my Etsy shop shortly. And there are more pictures, I'm just waiting for the camera battery to charge. Did I mention that I'm in the market for a new camera? Yep, it's true. Old Faithful, my beloved Mavica, is on the downhill slide and I must upgrade. Anyway, as soon as the battery is ready I'll go back to the photo studio and get some more goodies up here for you and the Etsy store. Stay tuned, beadlings. I'm on a roll!


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Love Midas! Great job, Theresa :D

Bead-Mused said...

Thank you, Carol Dean! That means a lot coming from someone whose own work I admire.

Anonymous said...

Natasha sez, moer pikturs. Vhat can I say... I am vone greedie biotch. heh, heh. Moose end sqvirrel aer aslip, vill vake them leitur.

Boris sez hhello.

Bead-Mused said...

Natasha dahling, I'm going as fast as electronic wizardry allows. I really could use a camera like Clara's, though. It would make life a lot easier. You should remind Boris what a lucky duck he is, da?

Anonymous said...

Da, he iz vone lucky duck indiid. don't know vhat he vill do aet 8:30 tonite. Ve vill be turning off ze lites for "Earth Hour".
No lites, no internet, no TV, for vone hour. heh, heh.

Moose end Sqvirrel are aveik now. They aer pleazd vith zee pikturs.

Bead-Mused said...

I'm thinking Boris should be VERY afraid at 8:35! Tell Moose & Squirrel that their compliments are appreciated. More photos tomorrow.