Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Sproing!

That is what has happened here. SPROING! Everything is turning green and blooming, except for what little grass we have. My mom told me that my grandad always said when the mesquite trees start budding it's time to plant, so we did. She said it never failed him, so I'm crossing my fingers. The new garden (garden number 1) is full of mounds with seeds and tiny plants. My irises are in full bloom and the rose bushes are starting to fill out. The birds are even making nests.

I hate springing forward, by the way. I would love to not need to change my clocks twice a year. Did you know that the incidence of heart attacks spikes every spring when the clocks move forward? Yes, it's a fact. And the same incidences decrease in the fall when the clocks are moved back. And circadian rhythms are thrown all out of whack. Ugh. This is just not good for us. I envy my friends in Arizona who don't go through the changes!

Lots to do today. I've got more orders to take care of, more samples to stitch and some new patterns to tweak, and more work needs to be done on the web site. I really need two or three of me. I'm still waiting on that replicator!