Thursday, March 26, 2009

Many Irons In The Fire

This is so new for me. I haven't had this occur since I worked for that particular, unnamed state agency. I have more than two irons in my little fire. I've got so much going on that I must now schedule my days out almost to the hour. Some things I can tell you about, others must wait a bit longer but I promise to let you know as soon as possible.

I'm still trying to finish the photos. The weather here has been so much less than cooperative. Clouds, dreariness, tornado watches, thunderstorm warnings. *sigh* It's definitely spring here. Right this minute there are storms moving straight up IH35 from San Antonio and I have thunder boomers all around me. This weather is really starting to piss me off because, as of right now, I have three wonderful things to share with you -- two bracelets and a goddess who really should become a fabulous pendant. I have five new bracelet patterns in the works for you peyote stitch lovers. This calls for web site work. Again, the weather throws a big monkey wrench in the works since the lap top battery only stays charged for so long at a time, and we all know that I slowly muddle through the Microsoft web site programs! Never mind the fact that the patterns must be extracted from the Mac which must be plugged in. Crapola. There are days it would pay to be in control of the weather. Today was supposed to be for running errands. Again, crapola.

So, where my life was not so long ago just beads and beading and beaders, I find that I must now pull out all those managerial skills I thought I gave up. Let me tell you, that extraction is actually painful at times! I buried all that crap waaaaaay down deep. And as soon as I can plug in again and use the camera, I'll update. Here's the short list: In April, I have a project being taught to the Dallas chapters of the EGA. In May, I may (hee hee) be back in San Antonio. In June, I'll be in Milwaukee with Carol. Skip ahead a year and I will be in Dallas for the EGA Regional Seminar.

This is just the tip of the ice berg as there are several behind-the-scenes items to be taken care of. Things like more class proposals, more designs, a look book and , last but not least, keeping in touch with my beadlings. And since I've written you a novella today and I'm down to 33%, I must run. Stay warm and dry, wherever you are.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Wow. You're a busy little beader, aren't you, Theresa :D It must be a horrible burden to be so in demand ;p hehe jk I can be such a smart*ss sometimes. Congratulations...BUT don't forget to take good care of yourself, my beady buddy.

Bead-Mused said...

Busy, yes I am, but I am not the super beader that you are! I remain in awe at how prolificly you bead. I'm working very diligently at not feeling overwhelmed at this particular moment in time. I need to be replicated. I guess the housework really will go down the tubes now! And yes, (hand to brow in dainty fashion with delicate sigh) it is SUCH a burden (please don't forget the southern accent here) to be in SUCH demand (fanning).

Carol B said...

I can related. I just had to dust off my project management skills to get ready for next month's shows. I don't have nearly as much in the works as you do, though. Congratulations on being so busy!

Bead-Mused said...

Thanks! It sounds like your pretty busy youself. I'm thinking it's probably a good thing we still ave those skills! What shows are you doing? Hopefully I will see you somewhere soon!