Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What More Could A Beader Want?

How about another chance to win Marcia's book? Hop on over to Lorelei's Blog and leave a comment. Maybe you'll win. Maybe I'll win. Someone is going to win!

AND if you pre-order Beverly's new book (also signed), you receive free beads and a chance to win beads and fibers worth over $400!

Don't forget about Art Bead Scene with their weekly giveaways and the monthly challenge. The newest challenge started this week. Take yourself on over and see the inspirational painting.

Everything I did bead-wise over the weekend must be redone. SIGH And I must go back to my orthopedic surgeon in two weeks to have a little something fixed. SIGH BUT the grandsons are growing like weeds and doing just fine, so something in my world is still okay!


Carol B said...

I'm drooooling over Beverly's new book. Good thing the book isn't here to get real drool on it!

Onye said...

Thanks for the great post! Glad you are feeling better and better!

Bead-Mused said...

Carol, isn't it lovely? I really want it and I'll probably put plastic wrap over it to prevent water damage!

Onye, thanks! How are you these days? Stop working so hard -- you won't have enough time for the beads!