Friday, October 23, 2009

Creative Thoughts

This is a "skewered dragon-fae" necklace that I made for my dear friend Michelle back in July. It was a special request, right down to the beautiful blues. Michelle and I met way back when I belonged to the fantasy/medieval role playing group (the same one wherein I met the love of my life). Once upon a time, Michelle and I did not speak to each other for years, which was a very sad time for me. We have since found our way back to each other, for which I'm exceedingly grateful. It's not easy to find good friends. It's even more difficult to hold on to them. I kept forgetting to post the picture of her birthday present! Her birthday is three days after mine, and her celebration was absolutely fantastic -- it was at a CHOCOLATE AND WINE BAR in Austin! Heavenly!!

And I've been trying to take my mind off my pain. It's a little worse this time, but this knee was in worse shape. Anyway . . .

I'm looking more at fibers. I left off fibers a while back, thinking that I just didn't have time to play with them. I might be wrong. I'm still hungering to work with wire more. I feel that if I make more of my own findings, the pieces will belong to me even more so. Of course, that might make parting with them even more difficult. Then there is metal. Geez, I love copper and bronze and etching seems not so difficult to do so I really, really want to.

But I also have to consider what I've chosen to do for a living and try to work all my little desires into the time I have left over when not coaxing little bits of glass into pleasing shapes and then writing down how to exactly that for others. And I couldn't leave those infuriating bits of melted sand if you held a gun to my head. As a result of all this musing, I've also been trying to think of ways to meld a few of the "I wants" with the tiny beads. Aha! (Believe me, it's probably much more difficult for me than it sounds.)

I'm also trying to come up with little items to stock in the Etsy store that folks might like to purchase for holiday gifts, and I've made the monumental decision to offer my patterns, tutorials and kits in the Etsy store. At this point I would like to open the floor to you, beadlings, to find out what you would like to see out of my repetoire of said patterns/tutorials/kits. Just remember that I'm still not up to full steam, so it will be a trickle of goodies, not a huge flood!

Have a beadiful weekend!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

ah, such a hard thing, to tell an artist what you want them to design. I'm a see it, love it, gotta have it kind of beader, but I do have a Peyote Preference.

Hope you get lots of "I wants".

BTW, I love Etsy.

Carol B said...

I don't know your selection of kits and instructions, so my humble suggestion is a mix of mostly beginner, some intermediate, and a few advanced projects.

Bead-Mused said...

Carol DeLater, you're the kind of customer I like in my booth! The kind I get lots of "oooohs" and "aaahhhhs" from! I'll list, you go look, tell me what you think!

Bead-Mused said...

Carol B, they range from simple patterns to the advanced instructions for the bracelet using the pink aster in my avatar. So there will probably be a wide range of expertise levels. Hopefully it will be a satisfactory selection.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! BTW, I'm not avoiding you or ignoring you... I can't get into Facebook!!! Maybe later..... :-(

Bead-Mused said...

Well, it's not like you don't have other things to be doing at work . . . ;)

Thank you for the compliment!