Sunday, October 20, 2013

Love Your Earrings!

Do you fret because you can't buy those lovelies you see at your local craft fair or art show or simply on Etsy? These will be in my shop soon.

The earrings to the right are a favorite pair with a lime green (bad photo) magnesite ball, a Vintaj brass drop and Vintaj brass ear wires. I am loathe to part with them. They  have a matching bracelet. Yes, in the Etsy store soon.

I consider myself lucky as I can wear just about any metal with no problem. HOWEVER, I realize that a lot of my customers simply cannot wear anything other than sterling silver. Some cannot even wear sterling. I have found a temporary solution for you at One Good Thing by Jillee, which is a great blog full of homemade goodness from cooking to cleaning.

Here's the link to a simple remedy to keep your sensitive ears sensitive but still wear those cute earrings you've been eyeing. No you have no excuse - go forth and shop!