Monday, April 23, 2012

I Owe You One

Oh my goodness, I owe you a big blog post. I've been quite the busy bee. There was a trip to the coast to see the cutest little boys in the world, but the wind was fierce and let's just say there was no outing at the beach for any of us. I've been putting in several shifts at the LBS (that's Local Bead Store for the uninitiated). There was a teaching gig or two. I've had such great students lately, it just warms the cockles of my heart! I did receive my swap beads from Michelle and they are lovely! I'll get a photo up for you soon. And there was a little hospital visit by someone here at home but he's doing fine. It was just a clean-up from last summer's surgery.

I've got new classes with new designs coming up and I'll be updating the website with the schedule and I'll be popping pictures in here now and then. For today, I've got a big ole bunch o'beading to do! Bead on with your bad selves!