Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It Started With A Cup Of Coffee

I woke up in a very pensive mood this morning and seeing how it is the day after one of the most ritualistic on the calendar things just fell into place. We all have rituals, be they small or be they grandiose. I just started wondering about mine, yours and ours.

It started with a cup of coffee. Is it the coffee I enjoy so much or is it the ritual of the coffee? I don't really like the taste of coffee unless I mask it with lots of amaretto creamer but I really like the warmth as it goes down, even in summer. So what is it about my coffee in the morning? There is a lot of ritual involved with coffee: measure the water, measure the grounds, and don't forget about the little sniff when you open the can. Even the pushing of the button on the brewer is ritual. Then there is the pouring of just the right amount of creamy goodness into the special mug and, finally, watching the liquid change color as coffee and creamer meld. Hold the mug just so; take the first sip, and . . . . . ahhh! The ritual is complete. By the way, the mug in the photo is not the special mug. When that photo was taken the girls had not yet gifted me with the special mug.

We all have something each and every day that we do without fail and in steps that have become more than just habit. We may not be aware of it, but whatever it is has become a ritual. Our day is incomplete without it. In fact, our day may just fall apart without it and, as you know, I am a curious woman. What is your major ritual of the day?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have to think about this. I'm stuck on questioning whether its a habit or a ritual, or the OCD that I do to keep my sanity after I leave the house.

But I identify with the coffee ritual. and I love the taste of coffee. I live on it. I don't mask it, but savor it, depend on it, enjoy it.

Bead-Mused said...

I think we all have OCD, just to varying degrees. I know that I need some things to be just so or the day goes to . . . . well, you know. OCD builds on rituals and control of those rituals and for some reason it (the OCD) seems logical to me as a control issue. Wait, I'm heading into psychological waters . . . .

Coffee! I'm enjoying some in the special mug at this very moment! However, the morning ritual was disturbed by needing to open the creamer and its damned safety seal! Crikey.